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April 2018 Tabernacle Update

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Donation Status

Here are some of the generous donations given so far:

$1,000 – In honor of Vaughn and Elsie Drummond and Ron and Tana Kelly
$500 – Labor Day pancake breakfast
$2,000 – Anonymous
$250 – Karl Cuncannan Family
$1,000 – The Rathbun Family
$300 – Clyde & Esther Kimball
$50 – Joy Archer
$2,000 – Dar and Linda Petersen
$500 – Lynn & Phyllis Lawrence
$2,000 – Bill & Dorothy Hill
$750 – Jim and Barb Schenck
$500 – David Demerly
$500 – Mary Demerly
$200 – Mark Kelly
$50 – Judd Family
$400 – Heather Simon
$200 – Jean Hoff
$5,000 – In honor of Vaughn and Elsie Drummond
$500 – Anonymous
$500 – In memory of Dennis Moffitt of Faith Church
$50 – In honor of Jessie Grady
$400 – Evalyn Jackson
$600 – Rich and Shirley Valk
$30 – Rosemary Crawford
$100 – Jean Syswerda
$168 – Heather Simon
$100 – Rebecca Walenga
$75 – George Isham
$320 – Mary Zokoe
$500 – Anonymous
$2,000 – Ron and Tana Kelly
$2,500 – Anonymous
$100 – Jen Volkers
$500 – Mo and Jennifer Shattuck
$50 – Stephen and Beth Jones
$1,500 – Andrew and Abby Perdok
$50 – Lois Tackebury
$500 – Dale and Linda Shaub
$200 – Jeremy Kelly
$240 – Heather Simon
$1,000 – Mary Merrill
$65 – Belinda Dolinger
$37 – Craft Retreat
$2,000 – Anonymous
$345 – Heather Simon
$55 – John & Lynn McMonigal
$2,000 – Richard & Ann Dilyard
$100 – Kathy Wheelock-Besson
$466 – Mary Zokoe
$200 – Ted & Verlene Rhoades
$150 – Dennis Perkins
$150 – Kathy Wheelock-Bession
$500 – Jason & Tracy Brown
$125 – In memory of Joyce Shank & Greeta Keen

Beginning the drive for $10,000 by Family Camp!
$200 – In memory of Elaine Jensen
$100 – Bill & Debbie Wakeman
$1,000 – Maurice & Pam Shattuck
$300 – Phil & Peggy Perkins
$200 – William & Karen Morris
$100 – Ron & Joyce Merrill
$150 – Kathy Wheelock-Besson

Drive for $10k amount: $2,050

Grand Total so far: $37,426

Videos from the President explaining the Tabernacle Restoration Project
1 – Root of the Problem
2 – Clean Up
3 – Wash and Restore
4 – Final Thoughts
Tabernacle Restoration – a Letter from the President

The Board of Directors met Saturday the 19th of August and made the decision to start the tabernacle restoration project.

Here is what we are going to do:
– New roof and insulation.
– Reduce moisture by moving air with current fans, add new fans and automate all processes.
– Remove and replace all wood on walls.
– Remove and replace all insulation in walls.
– Wipe all steel surfaces with Borax. Treat remaining wood surfaces.
– Fog building and furniture.
– Paint interior.

Our current tabernacle was built in 1979 after the wood tabernacle collapsed from the snow. Our current structure has housed 38 family camps, district conference, Kids Camp, Youth Camp, Holiday weekends, crafts, basketball, volleyball, pickleball, garage sales, the Heritage room, storage room, baptisms, chat center, cooling spot, prayer meetings, Scripture reading, pinewood derbies, movies, prayer on the porch, talent nights, concerts, worship and meeting with the Father. It is the center of virtually all camp activity.

We are going to need your help. Let me share some numbers with you.

$110,000 is how much we need to completely restore the tabernacle.
$20,000 is how much we have in the bank right now.
$50,000 is how much we need in the bank before we can begin.

We have 30 days to to raise $30,000 so we can start the project this year.

Will you help?

Please send your donations to:

Aileen Coffey
161 Summit Dr
Allegan MI 49010-8627

There is a Donate button at the top and bottom of the camp web page that you can use to securely donate money via PayPal or a debit/credit card.
You may also contact the office to use your debit or credit card.

Please watch the camp Facebook page for updates.

Read on if you want more of the back story.

The Tabernacle Backstory

The Tabernacle has three problems:

1. Condensation. Since the tabernacle is not heated or cooled there is a continual problem with condensation from relative temperature changes inside and outside the building.

2. Damaged insulation. The white surface that is exposed to the room is actually a moisture barrier. The damaged barrier allows the relatively warm air inside to come into contact with the cold roof and that causes moisture to be generated above the insulation.

3. Mold. There is a build up of a common non-toxic mold throughout the building.

What we are doing to remediate the problems:

Deal with the moisture. Moisture in and of itself is not a problem as long as there is continual air movement. There are currently 5 exhaust fans in the tabernacle along with 4 new ceiling fans in the corners, this should assure the necessary air movement. Along with the fans we will be adding four powered louvers in place of four windows to assure airflow. It has also been suggested that we add a dehumidifer. A dehumidifier for the tabernacle would be a typical home Heat/AC unit. We need to automate the fans, louvers and dehumidifier based on interior and exterior temperature and humidity. Finally, we want to add humidity sensors to monitor the building remotely.

Damaged Insulation. All the insulation in the building has to be removed and replaced. There are two problems associated with the insulation. The vapor barrier has been compromised and the paint is hosting the mold. The tabernacle has been painted a couple of times in the past, and the paint that was used was made with chemicals that mold thrive on. So the mold is actually growing in the paint used to cover it and that makes it impossible to stop the mold. This is the reason we have to remove and replace all the insulation.

Mold. We are taking extensive measures to insure this is done correctly. We are placing all the stuff in the tabernacle into storage trailers after a fog treatment. We are removing all the wood and the insulation on the walls, then wiping down all the steel with borax. The wood that remains because it was not on the walls will be treated and then painted with a mold resistant/ treatment paint. Then the steel will be repainted after another fogging. The walls will be replaced. When that is all done Miedema Metal Building Systems will remove and replace the roof and insulation. Finally all the items in the trailer and anything else that remains will receive a deep cleaning and treatment to assure the remediation of any mold that remains.

Additional thoughts:
– Vapor Barrier. We will need to make sure the new vapor barrier is not breached. The new insulation has a more durable rubberized backing and will take a bit more abuse, however we must protect it into the future.
– There is some thought of using the steel removed from the roof as a ceiling to protect the new insulation.
– We will need a number of volunteers at certain points in the project.
– This is a work in progress and subject to change.
– It is the intent to have this project completed before the end of this year.
– We would like to speak with anyone who would be interested in holding a $50,000 note for this project.
– Please watch the camp Facebook page for updates.


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