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2016 Charity: Guatemala

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guatemala trip

In 2016, we were able to tithe on the income from kids’ camp. While we pretty much broke even for the week, we were able to use a little bit of the funds to donate a house to a family in a village in Guatemala. Pastor Jeff and his son Tekoah (a.k.a. Taco) went to help build this house (and 22 others) from August 4-11, 2016. We also helped lead Bible School for 120 kids over three days, and spoke at three churches – so it was a busy, exciting week!

In this village, we experienced the remarkable contrast between a beautiful setting, located on the side of a mountain going down into a valley, and one of the poorest areas of Guatemala that I have worked with (this was my fifth trip to Guatemala). It was very remote, as it took a minimum of 90 minutes to travel the 24 miles to reach the village each day.

The family we chose to donate the house to is Mario and Maria, a couple with five children. They were living in a house about the same size, with stick walls and a tin roof, that was essentially their kitchen, and allowed little room for a place for the seven of them to sleep.

In the picture in the middle, I am standing with Maria (yes, I really am that much taller than her), and three of the five children. Mario (the dad) was out in the fields working, and the two oldest were at school. One day Mario helped us with the building. On the wall behind us, you can see a picture (the one with the globe and the eagle on the front). This is the certificate (created by counselor Bethany) that we presented them. (A copy is also at the right).

I had the opportunity to present the house to them, share with them about how the kids donated their house and how it is a gift in the name of Jesus. I also got to share Jesus with them, and pray with and for them. We also gave them many gifts, including small toys for the kids, a hand knitted blanket, and an audio Bible.

Below are more pictures taken of the house and family, plus a few others showing the amazing beauty of the land, and of Taco and I.

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