“Please help keep Winding Creek Camp clean and safe”

• All campers must register and pay at the camp office prior to setting up camp.

• No children under the age of 18 are allowed overnight in a RV/cottage without an adult.

• The use of tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs are not allowed at Winding Creek Camp.

• Quiet hours are from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. Please be respectful of scheduled Sunday services.

• All campers (including guests) are expected to dress modestly.
1. Men must wear a shirt at all times, except when in the pool area.
2. Men’s swimsuits must have an inseam.
3. Women’s swimsuits must be a modest one-piece suit with lining or a tankini with no midriff showing.
4. Bikinis, cut away or mesh suits are not allowed.
5. Women must wear a cover-up to and from the pool.

• Obey all rules posted at pool. The pool is provided for registered campers and their guests only. Children age 14 or under must be accompanied by adult supervision 18 years or older. Swimming is at own risk.

• All persons shall have respect for camp property and the property of others. Christ-like behavior and attitude must be shown to others. A person found to be destructive of property shall be liable. Parents are responsible for their children.

• All RV’s/cottages must not allow gray water to run on the ground. All wastewater must be transported to the dump stations. There are two dump stations located on the campground. The dump stations by the pool area and the dumpster are for both black and gray wastewater.

• All trash is to be placed in garbage bags with ties and placed in the dumpsters. Medical devices and bandages must be placed in appropriate disposable containers and must be disposed of properly.

• Please observe the 5 MPH SPEED LIMIT and all other posted signs (golf carts/ATVs/UTVs included).

1. All fires must be in Camp provided fire pits (please do not move or alter firepits)
2. Campfires must be attended at all times
3. Firewood is behind Camper’s garage; cost is $5/bundle. Money can be placed in tube by firewood
4. $25 fee will be assessed for cleanup of trash left in fire pit

GOLF CARTS/ATV/UTV– Seasonal lot tenants and registered campground guests are welcome to have a golf cart on the grounds. For the safety of all our campers, the following guidelines must be honored:
1. Golf carts/ATVs/UTVs are to be operated by licensed drivers.
a. If a parent or grandparent wishes to allow their unlicensed child age 12+ to drive their golf cart, they may do so but must sit in the front seat beside the driver at all times the cart is being        operated.
b. During the week of Family Camp golf carts may only be operated by those 16 years or older with a valid driver’s license.
2. Golf carts/ATVs/UTVs must be marked with the lot number of the owner by either sticker numbers or a placard with the lot number written on it. Please use numbers that are at least 3” tall.
3. Golf carts/ATVs/UTVs driven after dark must have mounted, working headlights.
4. Drivers must observe and respect posted speed limits and all common “rules of the road”.
5. Owners must charge your golf cart off your lot’s power plug.
6. Do not leave keys in the ignition when your golf cart is unattended.

PET POLICY – Having any animal at camp is a privilege.
1. Dogs and cats must wear collars with identification.
2. Dogs and cats must be currently licensed and vaccinated.
3. All animals must be secured with a leash/cable or confined within the camper’s cottage or RV.
4. Dog owners must properly dispose of all their dog’s defecation regardless of location.
5. Anyone (including children) walking their dog must be able to keep it under control and properly clean up after it.
6. Excessive noise (barking, etc.) is unacceptable and may warrant removal from the grounds.
7. Winding Creek Camp reserves the right to reject animals that are a threat to the safety of others.
8. If any animal injures a person, whether intentional or not, that animal will not be allowed back on the campgrounds.
9. Pets are only allowed in pet-approved buildings.
10. Registered service dogs are the exception and are welcome in camp-owned buildings.

• Winding Creek may at times adopt rules regulating use of lots and the conduct of campers and visitors. (i.e. Family Camp, etc.) You will agree to abide by those rules.

• We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave for inappropriate behavior: excessive noise, disrespect of property, failure to follow above policies, etc. Refunds will not be given.

Revised 2-20-2021

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