Cheney Lodge

Cheney Lodge has Hotel Style rooms complete with a bathroom, shower, and AC/Heater in each room. Bed linens and towels are included. There are 8 rooms with double beds and 2 rooms with single beds, sleeping a total of 18. There is a Large Common Room that contains long table/chairs, couch and chairs, a smaller table/chairs, cabinets with a microwave, sink, and full size refrigerator. There is an area very close to the building that can be used for parking/unloading. There is a front porch and a fire pit can be placed near the building upon request.

Double Bed Rooms: $55/night, $385/week
Singled Bed Rooms: $45/night, $315/week


To reserve a room in Cheney Lodge, email for available dates.

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(269) 945-5193


2349 Campground Road Hastings, MI 49058